Guinea Pig Page
Yin and Yan Sister Pigs - Photo of Patty and Speedie
This Page is Dedicated to my two guinea pigs: Patty & Speedie.
Speedie is Patty's older sister.  Patty is on the left and Speedie on the right.
(They are not siamese twins - their other feet are just hidden in the pigture.)

Fluffy's Visit to Hawaii
Great Guinea Pig Relay
Fluffy on Lifeguard Jet Ski Photo

Pig-tures and Story

GPDD Virtual Hawaii Aug. 2000:
Cyber Guinea Piggies on Vacation

Kauai Day Trip Activities

Read about the whole trip here

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The Adventures of Señor Pig
Coming Soon!

We wish you and yours much carrots and lettuce to come!

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