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August 2000

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The Guinea Pig Daily Digest is an email 'newsgroup' (or listserv) of guinea pig enthusiasts.  We all cyber-gather via the GPDD to share our love, caring, concerns and fun in relation to guinea pigs.  We have many names for them: cavy (cavies, cavys), piggies, GP's, and more!  Since we love them so much and guinea pigs love to eat veggies (and can smell them very well and/or hear the refrigerator or bags rustling), some of us call ourselves guinea pig 'slaves'.  We often find ourselves just rushing from one room to the next absent-mindedly munching on food GP's love when our furry friends will call out to us (wheek!  wheek! wheek!) and then we feel guilty and stop what we are doing to go and get some for them too - as a 'treat'.  :-)

Some of us give our cavies veggie and fruit 'treats' many times a day!  We worry about what kind of bedding is best, how to keep them healthy, etc.  We morn their loss with each other and share the births.  We also play around and write about their real and extended personas - going into the imaginary world.  We also sometimes send cyber gifts of carrots, lettuce and other piggie treats to each other at times.  An extension of that has resulted in Virtual Cyber Events - where we pretend to gather in a real place and pretend to do real activities and then write about what 'happened' later.  It's really quite fun!

This is one of those cyber-virtual events: Virtual Hawaii, one day of which is to be held on Kauai.  For more information about the Virtual Hawaii Event to be held August 2000 go to where you can also sign up for the event as well.  We have other pets going this time too - like birds, bunnies, etc.

If you have trouble signing up on that page, please be patient, Jean's site sometimes is a little sluggish.  If you've tried and tried and still cannot sign-up there, you can use my page at and I'll send the information to Jean, so you'll appear on the overall site as signed up.

Aloha and Enjoy!

slave to Speedie and Patty pigs

What Happened


Kauai, also known as the Garden Island, is the oldest and most northerly of the Hawaiian Islands. Some scenic spots include the Wailua River, home to the world famous "Fern Grotto," the magnificent Na Pali coastline and it's awesome valleys (including the famous Kalalau Valley), the ever-changing colors of Waimea Canyon (our 'little' Grand Canyon), the numerous world-class beaches, the Alakai Swamp (close to one of the two wettest spots in the world - Mount. Waialeale), dry and wet caves, numerous waterfalls and the lush tropical areas of the North Shore.

Whee thought the best way for fellow wheekers of the cavy persuasion to enjoy our Garden Island was to visit - gardens!  Speedie's and Patty's slaves Sheryl and Darrel having been organic farmers on Kauai for over 5 years in the past still know most of the organic farmers of today and have arranged a special guinea pig-style tour for our day trip day of August 19th.

North Shore Limousine will pick everyone up at the airport and provide transportation for the day.  For the rougher types of boars and sows - motorcycle rentals can be arranged with no other than custom year 2000 Harley's!  Many of the bikes to choose from are pictured online at our site under the Gary's Motorcycle link for those that are interested.  Mopeds and motorcycles with side cars are available too!  For those wanting to drive the Harleys be sure to pack your motorcycle license - because you must have a valid one in order to drive or rent them.

After the transportation has all been worked out, we'll go on a morning helicopter ride to see the whole island (Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast and Kalalau Valley and more) from above.  Since we'll only have a day to see the whole island, a helicopter ride is the best way to be able to see everything.  Numerous pristine waterfalls, canyons, beaches and more are hard to access any other way - if at all. After the helicopter ride we'll go on over to Poipu Beach to catch a glimpse of the Monk Seal mom and her baby (pup).  Then we're off on our veggie tasting tour of 'organic farm and garden country' (Kauai's North Shore), where we'll have a nice fresh brunch buffet!  We've arranged for a veggie tasting and fruit sampling at each of the farms.  Relaxing at the beach afterwards we'll also have hula lessons and lauhala weaving and palm frond craft classes.  Then we're off on a sunset hay ride at Princeville Stables where we'll have horseshoe tosses, short horseback rides and dinner.  After dinner we'll return any motorcycles, mopeds, etc. and ride in the Limo back to the airport for your return trip.

Please let us know who wants to rent motorcycles and which ones you'd like if you have a preference.  Also, if you want to ride together on a Harley, let us know that too.  It should be a great fun and food packed day for all piggies and slaves!

P.S. If anypiggies and/or anyslaves are staying longer and want to come to Kauai after the event - you can check out activities available at our site as well.  We're working on putting up full descriptions and photos of the activities (as we go to them all) along with the contact information we already have up.  You can work out your own virtual tours or ask us to arrange another day trip for your group.

  -Sheryl and GP's Speedie and Patty
  -Pua and GP Tasha

What Happened


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