O Ye Grand Potato

O, ye Grand Potato,
so humble and unassuming are thee,
so nutritious and delicious to me.

Growing yonder... under... cover...
yet easy to harvest and find.
Ye are always a treat... when in a bind.

O, ye Grand Potato
Ye be filling yet light,
tasty yet versatile, a joy to delight.

Ye haveth...
Many colors: white, yellow, red, purple... and green
and are not as fattening as would seem.

O, ye Grand Potato
thou canst be made fancy or base,
Ye are a true epicurean necessity... lingeringly or in haste.

Many a gourmet dish features thee,
Ye are a treasure of nature, the almighty spud,
yet thou art inexpensive to purchase... my bud.

O' ye Grand Potato,
thou art a wonder to behold,
and now I will end this... before it gets old.

                                                                            - Ms. Kartaufelessen, AKA Sheryl

I've always loved virtually anything made mostly of potatoes - except Pringles and the sweet kind of potato salad - ick.
Since I've been called Ms. Kartaufelessen many times, I figured...
what the heck - why not make a web page and make it official!

This is a new site, and will be developing - so check back for more fun!

Potato Page Activities:
  • View Pictures of Mashed Potato Wrestling and 
           other Clark Potato Days Events!
  • Look at art involving potatoes - some famous, some not! (not ready yet)
  • Check out (and maybe buy) some potato paraphernalia! (not ready yet)
  • Hear potato songs! (not ready yet)
  • Play potato games online!  (not ready yet)
  • Read about children's activities involving potatoes!

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