Potato Story Links:


French Fry Feast Sets Record 

The Case of the Nasty French Fry - The Back Street Boys and some fans

Thanks to French Fries

The Adventures of French Fry Man - Comics drawn and created by a 7yr old (text written by parent)

The Official French Fry Contest

Baptised in French Fry Grease - Soul Saving at McDonald's - Teenagers encounter rabid Christians

French Fry Setup - French Fry Machine Project with kids

Spudley French Fry Critique - French Fry Activity

Twenty-two Things to Do with French Fries Besides Eat Them 

Potato Visit - Vacation Picture of "Dave" in Maugerville (pron."Majorville"), New Brunswick.
A Different Potato for Dave - in Grand Falls (or Grand Sault, if you're French), New Brunswick.

Potatoes in the News:

Global Potato News

Clark Potato Days - July 29, 2000  has photos and information from past and future events - mashed potato wrestling and more!

McCain Building a New French Fry Plant

The French Fry Connection - French Fries in the news

HappyHours.com Salutes the French Fry and the First Successful French Fry Vending Machine - News 

Trivia Question: Where did the French Fry Originate? - Online Forum 

New Technology Turns French Fry Oil into Diesel Fuel

Raccoons Like French Fries Too  Cera, a pet raccoon enjoying potatoes!

Potato Association of America Handbook - Marketing and Economics 

Potatoes Briefing Room - Economic Research Services